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Afrash Plus; Import, supply and distribution of interior decoration materials

آشپزخانه ای بزرگ با صفحه کابینت کورین سفید رنگ با رگه های تیره

New materials

Providing the most special interior decoration materials without similar samples

Unrivaled quality

All materials have the highest standards of the day.

Unparalleled diversity

A wide range of materials and colors will help you create your ideas

لوگوی افراش پلاس سفید

Import and distribution of specialized materials for cabinets, toilets, tables and counters

At Afrash Plus, we have always thought about the ideas and dreams of all our customers. Big, small, even low-profit and novice customers.
We have built the framework and basis of our work on this basis and we have always taken steps to achieve this important goal.
We have grown and changed in the direction of your wants and needs, we have tried to reach your ideas and we have provided the best materials and the latest methods to meet them.
So far, with specialized trainings, but in simple language, we have acquainted hundreds of interior decorators with new execution skills, and thus, in different parts of Iran, we have provided the same conditions for everyone to use the latest materials in the world.

Our Product

Accompany you with

Professional and capable experts

تیم قدرتمند افراش پلاس

We have always tried the best products Choose from all over the world

لوگوی شهر مشهد نشانگر نمایندگی های افراش پلاس در مشهد
لوگوی شهر شیراز نشانگر نمایندگی های افراش پلاس در شیراز
لوگوی شهر تهران نشانگر نمایندگی های افراش پلاس در تهران
لوگوی شهر همدان نشانگر نمایندگی های افراش پلاس در همدان

More than 130
Representative throughout Iran

Product development path in Afrash Plus


Worldwide research and selection of products required by the wood and decoration industry


Basket of various goods of interior decoration raw materials in the form of import, production and also supply through the greats of Iran's wood industry


Major distribution throughout Iran in bulk and capillary


Provide information on top sellers and executives throughout Iran

With training courses
Afrash Plus be your presenter

Our technical and consulting team provides the most creative ideas and the latest implementation methods to its customers by providing accurate and complementary training.

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تیم افراش پلاس هر لحظه آماده پاسخگویی به پرسش های شماست.
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