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هیوندای hyundai لوگو

At Hyundai, our goal in producing the Hanks series is to improve the quality of life.

A beautiful and perfect space expresses the spirits of the people who live in that space, each of which has its own unique characteristics.

Many decorative elements have a purpose in the background, a purpose that is important and valuable to you and you set it.

We know that the page is one of the most important components of a complete project. For this reason, we always change the boundaries of the impossible so that we can adapt to the evolving trend and the wide range of tastes today.

This is the only way we have been able to produce pages that are suitable for home, schools, medical centers, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, and so on.

We try to create products to make people who live and work in the mentioned spaces think beyond the aesthetics of the material and to the main goal; Invite.

Why Hyundai?

It is easy to work with

It can bend and form during construction.

It is antibacterial

Seamless installation prevents bacteria and germs from growing.

It is very durable

The non-porous and acid-resistant surface of Hanks makes the plates durable.

Environmentally friendly

The use of new materials and compounds by Hyundai Corinne makes it environmentally friendly.

New coloring collection by Corinne Hanks

Discover the grandeur of our new collection. Inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth and your desire to harmonize with your environment, with our new collection, we create the foundation to combine nature with urban auras of luxury.

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