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Whether you are an architect, a designer, an interior decorator or even a housewife; The wide range of Highax compressed acrylic sheets is the answer for all those who are looking for a material with endless capabilities, beautiful and durable.

Leading architects and designers have defined a new perspective that anything is possible. It is their creative minds that turn great ideas into amazing performances that inspire customers. In a sense, he is a creative media designer who injects dreams into reality and creates a world without borders. They offer innovative solutions that do not limit your creativity and needs. We believe that if you are inspiring, you are unstoppable. In this way, you need a material that does not limit your ideas, if you have such ideas, it is better to get acquainted with Himax.


Seamless application and the absence of pores on the surface of Hymex make it impossible for bacteria and fungi to grow and multiply, and provides antibacterial material. Unlike other materials, Hymex does not need lubrication, sealer and و and will always maintain this antibacterial ability.

High heat resistance

High resistance to heat, humidity, stains and daily stresses more than other materials, including natural stone, makes Hymex a material with many applications.

Low cost and need for maintenance

Himax has a very long lifespan. Antibacterial properties, thermal and chemical resistance and repairability have made this material, like the first day, remain in your environment in perfect beauty for many years.


Himex bends and shapes easily and with heat, allowing the execution of the most complex 3D designs. With Himax, it is possible to perform performances that were previously only a dream. Let your creativity and ideas flow without limits and inspire others.

Ability to repair

Despite the easy maintenance conditions and repairability, regardless of the problem of scratches or cracks or stains; Hymax can be returned to the first day by a skilled performer.


Himex supports green land through the use of sustainable raw materials and the production process in line with environmental standards. LG HAUSYS strongly defends the quality of Himax.



With the help of a wet towel, cleaning can be done easily. You can also use a variety of household detergents if needed.

Yes, it is possible due to its antibacterial properties and resistance to a wide range of acids and bases.

Construction grade polyurethane adhesive, this adhesive has a very high adhesion and sealing power.

This material is placed between Corinne and quartz in terms of degree of hardness and is completely resistant to the daily stresses of a kitchen and does not accept scratches.


No, but it is possible to apply a solvent.

Is this material resistant to heat and gas flame?

Dimensions of material sheets SPL = 4200 mm, length in 1400 mm, width and thickness of 12 mm

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