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From Barcelona to Tehran

From Barcelona to Tehran

Corian, quartz and natural stone in one product

What is Marmonite?

Marmonite stone is made of the main materials of corin and quartz, therefore it has both the properties of corin stone and quartz stone, on the other hand, due to the design and surface protrusion, it has a similar appearance to natural stones.

Use of marmoneite

Marmonite is used like corin and quartz plates, which are mainly used for cabinet tops, kitchen counters, table tops, all interior walls, and so on.

نمونه کار اجرایی مارمونایت

High color variation and surface finish

Marmonite is currently available in 12 designs and colors, which include solid marble, acrylic solid, transparent (light transmitting) and glow.
It also has 4 surface finishes for the first time from very soft to super prominent!

Superior features of Marmonite compared to other products:

Marmonite, with a look very similar to the top brands of quartz in the world, is easily cut by the Corin tool and does not have the hassle of installing quartz and ceramic plates, and is also very suitable for classic work for stair tools.
Suitable surface hardness that no longer easily scratches and scratches like Corinne plates.
Very high resistance to chemicals, which makes it possible to avoid discoloration and possible stains.
Variety in colors and designs that cover all tastes.
It has soft and super-prominent surface finishes that have the feeling of natural stone and in this respect is unique in its kind.
There is no difference between keeping dark and light colors, while keeping dark colors in Corinne plates has many problems.
Supply of size 1 in 3 meters, which is very suitable for building an island.
The packaging of each slab is very different, each product is made of durable foam and polymer cartons.
Very reasonable price compared to quartz and corin products available in the market.
اجرای دکور با مارمونایت پاندا

Marmonite resistance to chemicals

90% of chemicals and all household acidic substances such as detergents, etc., have no effect on marmoneite and therefore it is one of the most resistant sheets produced for countertops.

Marmonite is currently available in 12 designs and colors, including solid marble, Transparent (light transmittance) and firewood.
It also has 3 surface finishes for the first time from very soft to super prominent!

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Execution of Marmonite page in Iran Mall

Marmonite stainlessness test

Marmonite heat resistance test

Execution example of Corin Marmonite Silky color code decor

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