SPL or (Synchronized Pressured Laminate) is a strong panel that is produced under high temperature and pressure. This new material was designed by the Italian studio Laviani and was unveiled at the Xylexpo Milan exhibition in 2016, and will be offered exclusively for the first time and exclusively by Afrash Plus Trading in Iran.

The word “synchronize” means coordination and adaptation, which indicates the adaptation and coordination of the design and prominence of SPl. This series of SPLs is produced with Moon finish and thickness of 12 mm. The reason for this naming is due to the inspiration of the designer from the surface of the moon to create this finish.

This product has many advantages due to the advanced production process, which makes it usable in a wide range of places.

مقاومت بسیار بالا در مقابل خش پذیری

Very high resistance
Against scratch

(Euroclass B)


97% Antibacterial

Resistant to 22
Type of acid

Simplicity of work and execution by
Wood industry tools


With the help of a wet towel, cleaning can be done easily. You can also use a variety of household detergents if needed.

Yes, it is possible due to its antibacterial properties and resistance to a wide range of acids and bases.

Construction grade polyurethane adhesive, this adhesive has a very high adhesion and sealing power.

This material is placed between Corinne and quartz in terms of degree of hardness and is completely resistant to the daily stresses of a kitchen and does not accept scratches and lines.


No, but it is possible to make a crescent shape.

Not against direct flame, but when used as a cabinet top or between cabinets, it is very resistant to gas heat.

Dimensions of material sheets SPL = 4200 mm, length in 1400 mm, width and thickness of 12 mm

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